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Give a Gift with Meaning this Valentine’s Day

January 2021 | Stephanie Desrosiers

A Meaningful Gift Is A Memorable One

Each Valentine’s Day we exchange chocolates, flowers, and other special gifts to our loved ones, especially lovers. How this tradition came about dates back to ancient Rome and was inspired by St. Valentine. The true legend of St. Valentine is rather unclear, as there are multiple stories that explain how he became associated with love. One story describes that St. Valentine performed wedding ceremonies for couples in secret, resisting the previous ban on marriages. As a result of his actions, he was killed. Each legend suggests that he was a very romantic and sympathetic saint, inspiring others to celebrate him on the day of his death, February 14. 
Today, we celebrate our love with family, friends, and romantic partners on this day. It is traditional to send heartfelt cards and meaningful gifts that express our affection. There is no better way to show love than with a gift that has a deeper message, and jewelry just happens to symbolize love perfectly.




Birds seen in earrings and necklaces make for great meaningful gifts. While all birds in general represent freedom because of their ability to fly, they also can symbolize hope, love, and the soul. Cardinals in particular symbolize faithfulness and loyalty, some of the most valued traits that keep relationships strong. They are known to be good omens that bring good luck. The tiny hummingbird is a symbol of joy and love, very fitting themes for this special day. In some cultures, these remarkable creatures are believed to be deliverers of love. There is much deeper meaning behind jewelry that features birds than one might think. 

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While flowers alone are a beautiful gift to give for Valentine’s Day, they will last much longer when worn everyday as jewelry. During the Victorian Era, many people were interested in learning the deeper meaning behind flowers. Flowers were even used to communicate with others when words couldn’t be used. The symbolic meaning of flowers during the Victorian era has mainly remained the same today. Asters are a symbol of love and sunflowers symbolize faithfulness and unconditional love, both perfect flowers to express feelings. Of course, red roses are the classic Valentine’s Day gift as they represent love and romance, a perfect addition to any piece of jewelry.

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Hearts are what many of us think of when Valentine’s Day comes around. They are the perfect complement to necklaces and can be worn at any time, even after the holidays. Hearts are of course a symbol of love and reflect the passionate emotions we feel inside. Affection is communicated through hearts and represents the feeling of fondness we have for others, whether romantically or otherwise. Hearts express our feelings towards others and show that we are thinking of them. The heart shape truly captures one’s raw emotions and feelings, making it the perfect gift to share our deep passions with those we feel it towards.

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One of the most desired gems in the world, pearls have great symbolism behind them, making for perfect meaningful gifts such as in jewelry. Some believe that pearls can help make relationships stronger. Giving one as a gift this Valentine’s Day represents one’s commitment and dedication to a loved one in growing a connection further. Pearls can also symbolize honesty and integrity, two of the biggest traits that are needed to make any relationship work. Receiving a pearl as a gift from a lover can reassure one that their relationship is built on loyalty and trust, maintaining a healthy connection. 

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Pink Tourmaline

A color of love, pink is commonly found in the gifts we give on Valentine’s Day. Pink tourmaline is a gemstone that is associated with compassion and love. There is no better way to celebrate our special love on the holiday than with a gift of pink tourmaline. The gemstone is also commonly associated with emotions in general. The day of love is a time for us to share our deepest feelings with those we love, and this gem basically speaks for itself. Often believed to bring happiness to relationships, pink tourmaline is the perfect gift to spark love this holiday.

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