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The March Birthstone- Aquamarine

March 2021 | Stephanie Desrosiers

The gemstone of the sea, aquamarine comes from the Latin word for seawater


The March birthstone features beautiful tints of blue that are similar to the ocean and sky, which is why this gem symbolizes eternal life. While the shades of this gem do range in intensity from pale blues, to greenish blues, to deep blues, the paler colors are less rare, and the darker colors are scarcer.


Aquamarine was given its name as the many blues of this stone resemble the colors of seawater. The name comes from the Latin word aqua meaning water, and marina meaning sea. This gemstone can be found in a wide range of blues, although it is most commonly found in a paler tint. Aquamarine can also be found in bluish-green shades that are also similar to the ocean. Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family of gemstones and has such a range of intensities due to the small quantity of iron in the crystal that gives the stone its beautiful and bright color. 


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A Gemstone With Meaning

Aquamarine has many calming energies and healing effects. This stone is great to have for emotional healing in particular and to aid the body and mind through meditative practices. Its healing properties really help with clearing the mind from negative thoughts and calming unwanted emotions and feelings. Its soothing energy, much like the calmness of the sea where it gets its name, is the ideal stone to have nearby to alleviate any discomforts or pain. In ancient times, sailors used to carry or wear aquamarine to ensure safe travels out on the ocean. This stone gives wearers the courage to take on anything and to overcome anxieties. 




Something Blue


The rhyme, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, is a tradition that many brides follow to bring them good luck on their wedding day. This rhyme originated during the Victorian Era and if followed, was believed to ward off evil. A bride might wear an heirloom for something old. Her wedding dress could be something new. Something borrowed might be a meaningful accessory or object taken from a family member or friend. Something blue could be incorporated through wearing a blue gemstone such as aquamarine. Its unique color makes it the perfect stone for an alternative engagement ring.


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Gemstone inclusions are materials trapped in the gem when it formed or any imperfections seen on the surface of the stone. A jeweler can better see these inclusions through the use of a loupe, or magnification device. Inclusions can reveal a lot about a gem, such as what species it belongs to or how exactly it was formed. Most aquamarines are considered eye-clean, meaning that when viewed with the naked eye, no inclusions are visible. Aquamarine is one of the few gems that is so clear that one can look straight through it. This factor increases its price and value.




Mohs Hardness


The Mohs hardness scale determines how resilient a gem is against scratches. Aquamarine is a 7.5-8 on the scale, meaning it is a fairly tough gem as long as it receives the proper care and cleaning to protect it from potential scuffs. Cleaning the stone with soap and warm water often is recommended to maintain its appearance. This gem is recommended for all types of jewelry such as bracelets and earrings, even rings. Aquamarine does make for a great alternative engagement ring and can be worn regularly so long as it is removed at times when there is a risk for damage such as when exercising or showering.