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The Biggest Wedding Trends We’ll See in 2021

March 2021 | Stephanie Desrosiers

New ideas to make that special day more memorable.

Weddings are a time of celebration and of course love. After the crazy year that just passed, it seems like now people are really craving memorable experiences that they weren’t able to have before. To start fresh, 2021 has introduced new wedding trends that in many ways reflect the desire for both change and meaning.




 Every bride needs the perfect amount of sparkle to make her shine even more on her big day. Some upcoming trends can help with this such as beautiful earring climbers. This style is both elegant and edgy, the perfect combination to make a bride stand out. No matter the design or embellishments, this style is truly a sophisticated one that will upgrade any bride’s outfit. Another bridal jewelry trend we are loving is stacking rings. Stackable rings can come in any shape or size and really allows a bride to customize her own unique assortment that reflects her personal style.

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 Concerns for safety have pushed many weddings outdoors. With this new location, tents are more often being used as a way to create a “room” outside. A tent allows couples to decorate much more, such as by draping strings of light all around. This lighting creates an intimate and almost fairy-tale like atmosphere that perfectly aligns with the mood of the event. Even the tables at the reception will be given much more attention, such as by adding personal touches and elaborate designs. Intimate items such as personalized thank you notes for guests and decorated tables that were intentionally arranged is a way for couples to add unique touches.




Trends for the bride’s dress have evolved much over time and these changes are big for 2021. More and more brides are open now to experimenting with bold patterns and prints for their dresses to introduce some excitement and have some fun. From being constrained to the indoors and sweatpants for so long, people are ready to dress up again, try new styles, and show off their looks to others again. If bold styles aren’t appealing, look to the new trend where less is more. A minimalist look makes just as much as a statement from its simple cuts and styling, all while being equally as beautiful.




 Wedding flowers can set the mood for the day, and the importance of choosing the right ones is greater now. Going along with the desire to have fun, couples today are choosing more meaningful and nontraditional color palettes for their bouquets. Choosing colors that reflect the couple’s style or symbolize their love will be huge this year. Aside from color, small and dainty bouquets are rising in popularity. Carrying a tiny bouquet is not only easier for a bride, but also very stylish and even gives a sophisticated feel. Although this design is very subtle, it still is very effective in enhancing a bride’s beauty on her special day.



Having a more casual yet intimate wedding is growing in popularity recently and has changed much from the past. Many weddings are now being held in local spots. Outdoor venues are generally favored right now, such as a beach or a park, with only the closest family members and friends invited. Having less than 50 guests in attendance allows for the couple to celebrate their day with only those closest to them all while experiencing those intimate and memorable moments. In terms of a wedding ceremony, couples seem to be incorporating a mix of both modern and traditional ideas to make their marriage official.