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Human Connection

September 2020 | Alexa Madeiros

We strive for a genuine and personalized experience 

As we continue to purchase online and evolve from in-person transactions, it can be worrisome that the meaning, thought and personalization of buying will be lost. At Katharina Jewelry, that is not a sacrifice we are willing to make. We believe that jewelry is significant and is representation of something deeper than just an object. We aim for relationship building during every step of your journey with us so we can discover pieces that signify you best.

While our collections are e-commerce based, Katharina Jewelry does not lack human connection. We have created a virtual consultation system for jewelry styling with experts in antique and vintage jewelry. In addition, a “Style You” system where you can enter your features to help you select jewelry that matches you. Ultimately, you can be styled without the price of a stylist! With a look that is unique to you. 

At Katharina Jewelry, we strive to maintain that human connection by doing our part to take care of the environment we live in. Our original designs (most of which are handmade) utilize recycled metals, sustainable gemstones and pre-existing antique diamonds whenever possible.