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August 2020 | Nellie Theroux

The Future Of Fashion

We are in the midst of a great shift, changes are underway that will resonate personally and globally in the coming months and years. The magnitude of this upheaval may not be fully understood for years to come, but we feel it and we can see it. They say change is the only constant, and we can be sure it will keep happening. Within the uncertainty, there is an excitement. Here we find ourselves, in The Great Pause, our re-set moment. What does new normality look like? Sit back and enjoy the view, it’s going to be a lovely ride. 

"Out of emergency comes emerge." - Marc Jacobs

Changes are already underway within the fashion industry. Vogue’s “Global Conversations” got the industry talking about what the future will hold. And the focus was not on getting back to normal, but rather redesigning the future of fashion. The fashion industry needs to figure out how best to rebuild and move forward in ways that are both thoughtful and compassionate. 

For designers, quarantine meant an abrupt stop to the creative process which has proven challenging when trying to do remotely. The creative process involves meeting people and until they find a new way to work, they can't do anything.  

"The stimulation of the entire world is the catalyst that gives us the drive, and the energy, and the passion to create." - Marc Jacobs

The fashion industry infrastructure has been completely dismantled and the system will change as a result of all of this. How things are shown, produced, distributed, and communicated all has to change. Fashion shows will probably never exist as we've known and done them. 

"Going forward, we have to kind of let go of our past a little bit as we start to learn something new. And to carry around the past probably isn't the best way forward." - Marc Jacobs

This is the first time in history that we can measure the environmental damage we've done.  Waste management is the root of all environmental issues. This current crisis has bright a deeper and more immediate sense of urgency to sustainability. Every second, there is a truckload of fast fashion that is incinerated or buried. We must balance production and consumption.

 "Waste, at the end of the day, is a design flaw. It doesn't exist in nature." - Gabriela Hearst