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A Year of Reflection

December 2020 | Stephanie Desrosiers

Reflecting on the past year inspires us to begin the New Year on a good note.


The new year reminds us all to reflect on the past, enjoy the present moment, and to anticipate the future. This year has certainly been one to remember. With the many lows and uncertainties of 2020, it’s easy to focus on what this year took away from us rather than realize what this year brought us. This past year has allowed many of us to spend much more quality time with our families, bringing us closer together, and appreciating one another more. This year has also brought us a greater sense of gratitude for everything that is good in our lives and love for everyone around us.


As we enter the new year, we cannot lose the positive attitude that helped many of us overcome the difficulties of this past year. We must continue to focus on the beautiful moments we experience and learn from the hardships we encounter. The new year is a great opportunity to start fresh and look forward to what lies ahead. We can hope that 2021 will bring us an abundance of happiness if we cherish the beauty in each and every moment. 


At Katharina Jewelry, we are appreciative for what this past year has given us. Earlier this year, we created our meaningful company. Since then, we have given back to causes that are close to us by donating a portion of every sale from our Magdalena Line to the Alzheimer’s Association. To honor the brave women who fight breast cancer, we established a partnership with Susan G. Komen New England. We are grateful for the opportunity to empower women by helping them realize their beauty, both inside and out. We are committed to continuing our mission, and have some new and exciting things planned for the upcoming year. We look forward to everything that the future has in store for us!