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Spread Love This Holiday Season

December 2020 | Stephanie Desrosiers

There is no better time to celebrate our loved ones than the holidays.


This season is a time for love and appreciation. A time of coming together to show others we care. It’s as simple as spending quality time with family, friends, and significant others, no matter what the activity may be. Spreading warmth and joy to those dearest to our hearts expresses their importance to us. We also believe in the importance of extending our love to those we don’t know personally but who may need help. Volunteering at local food pantries, toy drives, or donating to meaningful causes are thoughtful ways to spread love this season.


The holidays also remind us to be thankful for all that we have in our lives. Taking a minute to slow down and reflect on this can fill one with gratitude. Equally as important is being thankful for who we have in our lives. Life can get really busy, but the importance of appreciating and thanking those who do the most for us remains a top priority, especially during the holidays. We believe any small gesture goes a long way in telling others that we value them.


At Katharina Jewelry, we offer beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. A piece from our collection would make for a truly unique gift. Our classic, statement pieces can be passed down from generation to generation. Not only is this a great way to send love for the holidays, but it’s also a way to reconnect with loved ones each and every time the item is worn. With some of our lines, we donate a portion of our sales to meaningful causes, spreading hope for the holidays.