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Jewelry Trends To Look For In 2021

January 2021 | Stephanie Desrosiers

These trends are here to stay.


As we jump into the new year, we begin to see which jewelry trends will dominate for the upcoming seasons. From bold designs and bright colors to classic pieces that seem to never go out of style, this year brings options for just about everyone. While there are some trends that have continued on from past years, many are truly unique and capture the very distinct culture that we see today. With that being said, let's now dive into the biggest trends we are seeing in bracelet, earring, necklace, and ring designs this year.



One trend that we couldn’t be more excited about is the return of silver as a favorite. While incorporating bright and bold colors into all jewelry, even rings, will definitely be evident in the near future, a focus on silver as opposed to gold will rule.

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We are also seeing a rise in jewelry depicting unique objects. These objects may be animals, food, symbols, really anything that is carefree and playful. This is a great way to express oneself through wearing our favorite things, literally.

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One of the more subtle styles this year will be bangles, which will mostly be found in golds and silvers. This is a great accessory to wear solo, creating a classier look. However, we love to layer these up and combine all of our favorites, while still maintaining the sophistication that they exude. Chain jewelry is a fun trend that we have seen before, and it’s certainly here to stay this year. Both light, and especially chunky chains, seem to be everywhere on the runways, such as from Chloé and Hermès. This style makes such a bold statement that it can simply be worn alone.

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Glitz and glam covered ears seem to be what people want these upcoming seasons, and we love to see it. Oversized earrings with just the right amount of shine and sparkle are sure to turn heads. These pieces speak for themselves, and this single earring is really all that is needed to complete a look. Another trend we are very excited to see again is pearls. These gemstones have such glistening beauty and are the perfect accent for ears. We commonly see pearls as the main part of a piece, or as an embellishment. Whether found in a drop or stud style, we can’t imagine a more timeless piece. 

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Friendship jewelry is a great way to connect with others from afar, and thankfully, the style is rising in popularity, especially when seen on the neck. Friendship necklaces shouldn’t be viewed as something childish when they look as chic as they do today. A truly meaningful piece, there’s no surprise as to why people are hopping on this trend. Other up and coming styles are necklaces featuring charms and pendants. Charms bring good luck, and we all need a bit of that as we enter this year. Aside from bringing good fortune, this trend is a stylish way to liven up a look, especially when layered.

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The hands should never be forgotten when decorating the body with jewelry. To ensure this part of the body is properly adorned, follow the fun new trend of stacking rings. Express yourself with your curated collection of personalized rings to stack and layer as you wish. 

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At Katharina Jewelry, we are excited to launch new products and make women feel even more beautiful. We are inspired by the runways and streets to see what people really want as they style themselves each day.